John Niziolek

Associate Director of Computer Systems Validation, Integrated Project Services (IPS)

Mr. Niziolek is the Associate Director of Computer Systems Validation at Integrated Project Services (IPS). IPS is an industry leader in providing full-service engineering, integrated EPCMV, construction management, project controls, commissioning, validation, and regulatory consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, health care, and specialty manufacturing industries. John has over Twenty years of experience in cGMP consulting, commissioning, and validation within the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. He has a broad range of experience with a specialty in computer systems validation, data integrity, and technology. At IPS, Mr. Niziolek’s primary responsibilities include leading IPS’ computer systems validation business, performing compliance and data integrity assessments for our clients, growing the IPS CSV brand and reputation, and providing unmatched service to our clients.