Mentor and Mentee Code of Conduct – ISPE Canada Affiliate’s Mentorship Program

ISPE Canada Affiliate has identified the need for an established mentorship program to assist students, recent graduates, and young professionals in being paired with experienced professionals to assist them in their career development and professionalism. This Program pairs students, recent graduates, and young professionals with experienced pharmaceutical professionals for up to a twelve-month period.

Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities:

  1. The anticipated time commitment for the Mentor/Mentee relationship is approximately 4 hours per month.
  2. Mentors will be matched with Mentees looking for guidance on the topics of their expertise or interests.
  3. Mentors and Mentees will be required to sign an Agreement to participate in this Program.
  4. Mentors will provide substantive mentoring on all aspects of professional and career development including communication, management, and leadership skills
  5. Mentors and Mentees will meet a minimum of 1 hour per month.
  6. The primary goal will be for the Mentor to provide open, honest and constructive feedback to the Mentee in an open non-judgmental environment.
  7. Mentors and Mentees should treat each other with respect and dignity.
  8. Mentors and Mentees agree to be respectful of each other’s time commitments.
  9. The Mentor’s role is not to secure employment for the Mentee, but instead to assist with the Mentee’s career development.
  10. Mentors and Mentees will participate in a quarterly Program check-in meeting with an ISPE Canada Affiliate representative.
  11. The Mentor and Mentee shall guard against the potential for conflict by conducting a conflict check in advance of any mentorship session.

Good Communications between Mentor and Mentee:

  1. ISPE Canada Affiliate will support good communications between Mentors and Mentees. In the event that there is a breakdown in the relationship between the Mentor and Mentee, ISPE Canada Affiliate will make best efforts to assist with identifying and matching the Mentor and Mentee with a new Mentee and Mentor, respectively.