Benefits for Companies to support Emerging Leaders

When young professionals succeed, your company succeeds.

Does your company recruit recent graduates and young professionals in the career?

ISPE Canada Affiliate Emerging Leaders Committee targets to

  • Influence the future of our industry.
  • Help young professionals navigate the landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Provide the resources to gain the essential experience, leadership skills, and knowledge.
  • Empower young professionals with our volunteer opportunities
  • Promote your company’s position and strategy in the Canadian biopharmaceutical industry.
  • Create a network of professionals who can assist in solving problems.

By supporting their membership and involvement with ISPE Canada Affiliate, you will build a well-rounded team of young professionals.

Young professionals are the future of our industry and your organization’s next great employees.

Would your company be interested in sponsoring ISPE Canada Emerging Leaders’ Events? Do you have any feedback for the Emerging Leaders Committee? Reach out to and