Vessela (Vessy) Yordanov

Manager, Equipment Engineering

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Vessy is an accomplished professional with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Toronto Metropolitan University and a license from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). Vessy’s experience is in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, excelling in Process Engineering, Operational Excellence, Equipment Engineering, R&D, project/customer management, and leadership. Vessy successfully leads complex projects, ensuring strategic, technical, and timely delivery of cost-effective solutions, while optimizing manufacturing processes and implementing robust systems ensuring the high levels of product quality, safety, and compliance.

Currently as Manager of Equipment Engineering and the Site Digital & Communication Lead, Vessy leads a team responsible for equipment, facilities, and computer systems commissioning and qualification, while also spearheading the site’s Pharma 4.0 strategy and digital transformation journey through the Digital Advantage Global Thermo Fisher program.