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Putting research into action and being a role model for the next generation ignites culture change. Engineers of Tomorrow leader, Rebecca White, shares insights on how talking to kids differently about STEM professions can influence the way we think about it ourselves.

Event Abstract

Why is this diversity conversation important? Given our goal to effectively attract and retain diverse and talented individuals, we would like to know how to do it. We can trust in the science – in this case social psychology. Put into practice what has been discovered in scientific research. As STEM professionals, this is something we do everyday.

STEM professionals will benefit from a more diverse perspective make-up and help solve more complex problems. Reflecting on this will also help us serve our society better as we add equity and access to our work life. DEI conversations at the workplace are imperative for all STEM professionals to succeed and fulfill their mandate.

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Event Agenda

  1. Diversity in STEM: where are we now?
  2. Insights – what does the research tell us?
  3. Discussion – what’s your experience?
  4. Interventions & best practices you can use.


Rebecca White, B. Eng.

Rebecca White is living proof of the life-changing potential of STEM outreach. As a youngster, she was influenced by her experiences at Queen’s University’s – Science Quest – leading her to go on and study chemical engineering. She then embarked on a 15 year career in manufacturing, presiding over the production of pharmaceuticals and food products. She held various roles including Production Coordinator, Manager, and Senior Continuous Improvement Specialist.

Today, as the head of Engineers of Tomorrow, she reflects on her own experiences and impact in helping people. She works to unlock the potential of engineers to become ambassadors for their professions, and the value of diversity in the engineering profession.

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How do we improve diversity in STEM professions? Talk to kids about it! - May 4, 2022

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