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ISPE Canada Affiliate is proud and excited to introduce the latest committee—ISPE’s Women in Pharma® (WIP).

This initiative bridges gender, cultural, organizational, and geographic boundaries to maximize the impact women have on the pharma and biopharma manufacturing industries and their communities. By being part of WIP, you impact the industry by eliminating barriers and unconscious biases while fostering partnerships and creating value in the workplace through maximized contributions.
We look forward to working with you to help make the Vision and Mission come to fruition.

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Our Vision

Gender equality at all levels in Canadian pharma and biopharma manufacturing!

Our Mission

The BE ME! movement supports women’s contribution or potential to contribute to the pharma and biopharma industry. How can we work together to drive a more gender-balanced world while celebrating women’s achievements? Let’s raise awareness and break the bias for equality, diversity, and inclusion.